Candorville: 7/9/2007- Larry and Paris
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July 9th, 2007

Candorville: 7/9/2007- Larry and Paris

Like most Americans, I care whether I live or die — which means, by extension, I care about the state of our nation’s health care system. So when I heard Michael Moore was going to appear on Larry King Live to discuss the failings and possible fixes for that system, I dutifully set my TiVo. What did I find when I tried to watch it? They’d bumped Michael Moore for a week so Larry could waste an hour chatting with Paris Hilton.”CNN: the most trusted name in nonsense.”

…I’ll spare you the clip where Larry asks Paris about her body cavity search.I think I prefer this version of the interview:

  • So, is Michael Moore for Obama or for Hillary? Has there been any discussion about that?