Candorville: 7/30/2007- Wanna be friends?
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July 30th, 2007

Candorville: 7/30/2007- Wanna be friends?

This cartoon is about:Myspace, selfishness, friendship, social networking, Internet, 21st Century, photographs, generation, having things in common, strangersTranscript:Panel One: [setting=at bus stop](Random Dude, to Lemont Brown) Hey bro, wanna be friends?(Lemont Brown) Huh? Do I know you?(RD) No.Panel Two: (LB) Do we have anything in common?(RD) Dunno. Wanna be friends?Panel Three: (LB) Sigh. Well, I guess–(RD) Cool! …Thanks for the add. You’ll probably never hear from me again.Panel Four: (LB, frustrated, annoyed) @#$% Myspace Generation.(RD, holding up wallet holding dozens of 3×5 photos) Got a photo of you I can put in my wallet?

  • Interesting take on “My Space” type of websites. I understand now there is even something more strange. It’s called “Gaia”, and you actually have to spend money to buy things for your virtual pets. They even sell virtual clothing.

    • lizardprotector

      Can I use virtual money?