Candorville: 8/1/2007- Myspace, part 3
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August 1st, 2007

Candorville: 8/1/2007- Myspace, part 3

This cartoon is about:Myspace, selfishness, friendship, social networking, Internet, 21st Century, online dating, hot women, sexy women, scams, Internet scams, gullibilityTranscript:Panel One: [setting=at bus stop](Random Dude, to Lemont – an ugly man stands behind the Random Dude) Hey bro, I want you to meet my girlfriend, Melissa.(Lemont) OK, where is she?Panel Two: (RD, pointing over shoulder to Ugly Man, but speaking to Lemont) What’re you, blind? She’s right here. We met on Myspace.Panel Three: (Action: RD is looking whistfully at Ugly Man, who’s morphed into a Hot Chick, while Lemont appears shocked)(RD) Isn’t she hot?Panel Four: (Lemont, scribbling in notebook thinking) Note to self: No Internet dating.(RD eyes closed blissfully, unaware Hot Chick has reverted to Ugly Man)(Ugly Man) Snookums, I might need help with my mortgage.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Dating Dave says:

    haha that’s prettty funny. It’s a bit of a worry meeting people on sites without profile verification.

  2. KATHERYN says:

    awesome post! glad i found your site, it was on accident though =/ check mine out if you want. im still really working on it but it should be great soon