Candorville: 9/17/2007- Friendly advice, part 1
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September 17th, 2007

Candorville: 9/17/2007- Friendly advice, part 1

This cartoon is about:Lemont Brown, Federal Agent Murph, liberals, conservatives, politics, Bush Administration, relationships, interracial dating, interracial marriage, children, Lemont’s son, Lemont’s kid, Roxanne, Crazy Vegetarian Chick, Patriot Act, constitution, liberty, Bill of Rights, invasion of privacy, authoritarianism, government, progressives, child support, loveTranscript:Panel One: [setting= Lemont’s apartment, outside / action= none](VOICE from inside window) I don’t get it, Lemont. You’re a young, smart, progressive person. Why would you even consider marrying someone you don’t love…Panel Two: [setting= Lemont’s apartment, closer / action= none](VOICE from inside window) …just ’cause she had your baby?Panel Three: [setting= Lemont’s window, close / action= a light turns on inside](VOICE from inside window) That’s totally out of character for you.(we hear a click)Panel Four: [setting= Lemont’s bedroom, int. / action= Lemont, newly awoken, has turned on a bedside lamp while Federal Agent Murph, in suit, tie and shades, leans over his bed](LEMONT, thinking) #@$% Patriot Act.(Federal Agent Murph) Our files show you’re the type who’d just send child support and be done with it.

  • Joyce

    OMG. The government intruding into our bedrooms. Not a good thought, but very realistic. This is a sad state of affairs in our country. I like when things that need discussing and changing are put into a comedy or cartoon format, because that is when REAL changes can take place. When the perpetrators can laugh at their own selves and their own thoughts.