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Sold out!

Selling books directly from my website (instead of just linking you all to has its benefits. I get to deface them with sketches, for one thing, and I get a kick out of seeing my boxes of books steadily become empty. The downside, however, is a lack of reader reviews on This one below is great, but it’s awfully lonely. If you’ve read the second Candorville book, “Another Stereotype Bites the Dust,” don’t be afraid to review it on Amazon and let others know what you think.

Another Stereotype Bites the Dust is the second collection of Candorville comic strips by award-winning cartoonist Darrin Bell. Set in the inner city, Another Stereotype Bites the Dust follows the educated yet underachieving African-American writer Lemont Brown and his friends, an assertive Mexican-American woman and a mooching, rapper who still lives with his mother. The Candorville strip does not shy from edgy dialogue or equal jabs at modern social problems, governmental failings, and excessive political correctness. In one strip, Lemont Brown tries to vote and is told “Well that explains why you haven’t received your absentee ballot, Mr. Brawn. You’re on the felon list. Felons aren’t allowed to vote in Candorville.” “Brown! Not Brawn! Brown!” “Thank you for turning yourself in, Mr. Brawn.” A wickedly funny, “must-read” humor book showcasing the talent, insight, and biting criticisms of a rising star among cartoonists.

All that said, I’ve just sold out of my stock of books and a new batch won’t arrive until the new year, but you can still order copies of both “Thank God for Culture Clash” and “Another Stereotype Bites the Dust” in time for Xmas at Amazon.