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Reader accuses Candorville of RAPE joke

It takes a certain kind of person to read today’s Candorville strip and conclude I’m joking about rape. It takes the kind of person who can read Candorville for any length of time and still conclude that its author would find something like rape funny. It takes the kind of person who thinks the words “rape” and “pillage” are interchangeable (if they were, the usual phrase describing the horrors of war wouldn’t be “rape AND pillage”).It takes this kind of person:

Hey.Funny strip most the time. Racial commentary and all that.But todays strip (12-20-07) appalled me. Unless I am reading that wrong, it seems to be a blatant and casual reference to rape. Who calls that humor? Rape is not something that should be include in anything labeled as “comic”.I’m sure you are aware of racist issues. Try to be aware of sexist issues. They are not that far apart.JW

I can’t believe anyone who’s read Candorville for any length of time would even entertain the notion that its author would find rape funny. If any other readers out there jumped to that same outlandishly offensive conclusion, please don’t bother me with it. I spend hours each week going back and forth with irate or confused readers about the topics I raise in Candorville, and I do it gladly. I love that part of this job. But this misinterpretation is just way too insulting to comment on any further.