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Geek Tuesday: Iron Man animation, conclusion

Geek Tuesday: Iron Man animation, conclusion

“Yes We Can” vs. “Me Me Me”

Obama may be more proficient in the vocabulary of leadership, but Clinton’s speech proved her campaign right when they said she represents a real change. Most leaders use the words “we,” “us” and “our” to draw in their listeners, to make them feel as if they’re part of the team — to make them feel invested in the leader’s success. Not Clinton. Compare Obama’s old school approach vs. Clinton’s radically different one. She doesn’t pander to the togetherist lobby. She turns conventional wisdom on its head by choosing language that gives the impression it’s all about her. “I listened to you… I found my voice.” That line in particular was brilliant. We know it was brilliant. If it had been a pathetic admission that she’s given to falling out of touch with the American people, the Media would’ve told us so. But they told us it was brilliant, which, to me, was a big relief.

Let’s compare Old School Obama to New Jack Clinton. Here’s Obama’s South Carolina victory speech…

…vs. Clinton’s New Hampshire victory speech.

I have to admit, she lapsed a bit toward the end. A few “we” and “us” buzzwords crept in. But what a rousing start.