Candorville: 4/13/2008- Reverend Wright
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April 13th, 2008

Candorville: 4/13/2008- Reverend Wright


  1. PeaceZGood says:

    Feelings people don’t want to acknowledge. Other words…denial, scapegoating, cover ups, refusals to admit fear of the “scary, scary” other races. And, most of all….IGNORANCE. People who go to mostly white churches where they call each other “Mother so and so” (older ladies), Sister so and so and Brother so and so DON’T WANT TO KNOW about people in Black churches having that same family feeling with their congregational members and pastors and Bishops, etc. In fact, there is, I believe, MORE of a family feeling in Black churches because of the history that binded the wounded together way back when. When Obama says he won’t kick the pastor out of his HEART because he’s like family, BELIEVE him. I have someone in my family who is in JAIL right now. Do I love her less? Absolutely not. I’m DISAPPOINTED in her, but she is still family. Was I influenced by her? In some positive ways, yes. She has many artistic talents. Was I influenced in a negative way? Actually, no because I know right from wrong, and I do not do what she does. Everyone in every family sometimes DISAGREES with a family member, but doesn’t SHOVE THEM out of their family. I still say if that’s the worst they can say about Obama, that his PASTOR said something controversial, then Obama must be pretty clean.