Candorville: 4/15/2008- Deductive Reasoning
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April 15th, 2008

Candorville: 4/15/2008- Deductive Reasoning

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Darrin Bell says:

    If you go to you’ll find out how to add your own profile picture.

  2. PeaceZGood says:

    How did govtdrone include a picture on his response? I’d like to do that, too, and would appreciate being informed of the methods of doing that.

  3. PeaceZGood says:

    A simple and EFFECTIVE punch line! This thesis has been on my mind now, ever since the beginning of the government sanctioned idnapping of Americans who “look like” terrorists, land how they were held in detention without notifying their family members. Those things are scary, if the reports I have read about that are actually true.

  4. govtdrone says:

    This is a great strip.