Candorville: 4/20/2008- The Voter
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April 20th, 2008

Candorville: 4/20/2008- The Voter

  • The people who parrot the generalities are just like robots.:<

  • The dark blue makes it hard to read some of the posts.:-c

  • I tried to click on the “tags” by; where it says “idiots”, but the people who put comments on the political section commending the ABC debate in Philadelphia didn’t show up here. I thought they would. Oh well, maybe they can’t think for themselves. They must be the nano-butts.

  • Greta Sholachman

    1. I like Candorville quite a bit but don’t ever get rid of Donnesbury.

    2. Lio, The Elderberries and Blondie can go. Dennis can go too. It’s dated. Get Fuzzy used to be funny. What happened? And Cathy needs to be sent into outer space. No longer relevant, even if it’s just on Sunday. It’s old and repetitive and no longer funny.

    3. Rhymes With Orange, Mutts, and Pearls Before Swine are the best. Also Brevity and Bliss. I always enjoy Peanuts. It’s timeless.

    The others are very good so don’t get rid of them. However it’s difficult to read Non Sequitur. The print is way too small!

    Thanks for asking for our comments. I appreciate that.