Surprisingly, Bush Lied about the Golf Thing

As previously mentioned, GW Bush claimed to have experienced an epiphany after a horrible bombing in Iraq. No more would the families of dead and mutilated soldiers have to suffer alone — no, the President too would suffer along with them. By giving up golf.


Well, as Keith Olbermann pointed out in his latest special comment (toward the end), the president who lied a nation into war, who lied about the Valerie Plame incident, who lied about… well, it would probably be quicker to just list what he didn’t lie about. Anyway, he wasn’t even telling the truth about the golf thing. The AP photographed him playing golf two months after he said he’d made his fateful decision to give up playing his game.


Discussion (3)¬

  1. Joyce says:

    Now, did you read about the ELECTED leader in Iraq calling for a holy war against the American soldiers who are there to HELP him and his country? This has gone from bad to a disaster, and can get worse. WHY PUT OUR SOLDIERS IN A COUNTRY WHICH DOESN’T WANT US WHEN WE KNOW FOR POSITIVELY SURE THEY WILL ALL BE SLAUGHTERED? We have been given the heads up, but Bush has his head in the sand. WE AS AMERICANS SHOULD BE FURIOUS. Absolutely furious.

  2. B Rhodes says:

    Not mad about it? It’s been all over the TV for the past couple days. That’s why Darrin Bell’s talking about it here, because it IS in the news. Besides, except for the commentators and cartoonist 😉 who ARE indignant about it, by the way, it’s not the media’s job to get “mad,” it’s their job to report the facts.

  3. DevBer says:

    Why isn’t he television channels being all mad about this? They talk about Obama and Hillary all the time. Why not about this lie? Anyway, I am glad that Bush only has a little time left, but can you imagine the dirt he can do in a short time?