Sarah Palin Bush Cheney Rove’s speech last night

The talking heads on my tv are telling me Sarah Palin was very funny last night, and I have to agree. The funniest line in Palin’s speech was when she said something like “Let me tell you exactly what the mayor of a small town does,” and then she didn’t.

  • We need to change the name from “Republicans” to “WITCH HUNTERS”, or some such thing.

  • motherseer

    Question: How can ANYONE get gratification when hearing such filth and meanness?

    Answer: They’re Republicans. They have no souls.

  • Although we can poke fun of what happened at the convention, what irked me the most was when the speeches were insulting to Obama and the people BOOED and cheered for every sling and arrow. When I was a teacher, I abhorred when many of the students stood around in a circle cheering that another student was getting stomped and bludgeoned. This reminded me of middle school age kids. How can ANYONE get gratification when hearing such filth and meanness?

  • She said that because she hoped it would make the next words to come up on the teleprompter be about what the mayor of a small town does, because she’s still not quite sure (aside from trying to ban books from the public library and intimidating city employees, and those other things she’s not supposed to talk about).

    But if it had worked, she would have gone on to say, “Now let me tell you exactly what the Vice President of the United States does.”

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  • Ken

    Gosh, I wonder why she didn’t talk about her record much. She drove herself to work. Maybe she had to parallel park. That would add significantly to her accomplishments.

    Also, she sold the plane on eBay. It’s a good thing she didn’t waste time on publicity stunts.

    I live in a relatively small town (about 30,000). I don’t dismiss small towns but I don’t want our mayor grappling with the national economy and nuclear proliferation until he’s had some time to brush up on things.

    I enjoyed when she ridiculed community service. He worked in the community before he went to Harvard Law School. During a similar time in her life Palin was serving her community in the highly demanding field of television sports broadcasting. Now we know where she learned to read off a teleprompter.

    If you get bored during tonight’s speeches you can play “spot the black person.” Apparently there are 36 among the 2,380 delegates.