Candorville: 9/22/08- Lost Honor, part 1
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September 22nd, 2008

Candorville: 9/22/08- Lost Honor, part 1

TRANSCRIPT: I’m about to tell you that Barack Obama wanted to teach “comprehensive sex education” to KINDERGARTENERS… …even though the legislation I’m referring to was really about teaching kids to protect themselves from predators. But I think winning an election is more important than protecting kids. I’m John McCain, and I approved this garbage. “Sir, we mistakenly aired the dry run” better be code for “everything’s peachy,” or someone’s getting fired.


  1. PeaceZGood says:

    I fail to see how ANYONE can believe the LIES going around about Obama…but then again, knowing as many people as I do who spread the lies, well, I can believe how people can fall for this garbage. The ones who spread it make it seem like FUN while they’re doing it. They laugh, and take glee in putting Obama down. Whether it is true or not. It’s still the same old racist motivation, I think. White guys trying to push themselves up to a higher level by stepping on a black guy. Then, like a barbecue,, they spread the lies to the evangelists who will IMMEDIATELY become afraid because they see demons in everything not like them or their belief system. The only hope we have are the White guys who BELIEVE what Obama is saying and have faith in his intelligence, character, fervor, mission, and passion for justice and the bettering of America. Now, if those GREAT White guys can only be AS LOUD in their comments as the others, we’d have it MADE. Throughout my life, however, I very often have seen the hate win over love. Why? Because HATE is more aggressive, and LOVE is gentle. Therefore the need to have cartoons such as Candorville. The only way I’ve really seen social change is through laughter, such as All In the Family, the Jeffersons, etc. GOOD GOING taking on these DIFFICULT matters.