Candorville: 9/24/08- Lost Honor, part 3
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September 24th, 2008

Candorville: 9/24/08- Lost Honor, part 3

TRANSCRIPT: Remember when we implied that Obama was a creepy sexual deviant… …because he advocated legislation that would teach kids to protect themselves from predators? Well, surprisingly there’s been some blowback, sir. Who is it? The ACLU? The media? If John McCain’s honor is still alive, we think you’ll find it here. Delta Force is ready, sir.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. [...] seeing the events of last weekend, I’m starting to think that this Candorville strip was giving Sen. McRove too much credit — he never had any honor to begin [...]

  2. Golux says:

    Pretty much how I felt by the time his campaign was over. He was a real letdown. He sold out big time to the religious right. About this time, our local Mega Church's Neocon pastor showed that the New Conservatives aren't beyond breaking the basic ten for love, fun and profit. The "Blessings" were ill gotten, his family was devastated by the infidelity, and the economy was starting to devastate his flock who believed his "Prosperity Gospel". Despite his preaching the NeoCon "Greed Is Good", God unblessed a lot of the flock over the next four years. Most of them blame Obama for their impoverishment, but their deficitside lifestyle from the previous eight years is what sunk them.