Wassuuuup! Eight Years Later

For anyone who was in a coma eight years ago, here’s the original:

  • Ken

    Thanks for sharing a laugh. I voted early today. Lots of Democrats got my vote in races where I might have gone either way. The GOP has been far too comfortable with McCain’s attacks and bigotry, I’ve read so many nasty attacks from conservatives that I’ve had to conclude that there’s a real shortage of honor on the right.

    The promise of change on the way provides some comfort against the backdrop of assassination attempts and more nasty political attacks from McCain’s campaign (Hats off to the phone operators that walked off the job rather than read a script making sleazy attack on Obama).

    An Obama presidency would put a black president in front of citizens on a daily basis and help us learn to look beyond race. Sometimes experience is the only way to learn about other people. Some Americans might not have black friends but I think that once they start watching Obama day in and day out some of them will start to notice that racial differences are nothing to fear. That’s sounding really good today.