Candorville 11/1/08: Lost Honor part 35
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November 1st, 2008

Candorville 11/1/08: Lost Honor part 35

Discussion (3)¬

  1. karenjoycekleinman says:

    Wow. IF this is the conclusion, it’s a doozy. WHEW! This one says it ALL about EVERYTHING I’ve been worried about, and that many people watching MSNBC have been worried about and also who watch Comedy Network for their takes on the political processes. About the metaphors…. at least McCain is left with little to stress about. After all, he has no conscience or honor left in his body, so all he has to do is lie and believe his own lies, or else let his cohorts lie and give in to believing or letting them do it. Like a puppet. Poor guy. I guess we all age differently. Some give in to a quiet form of dementia, and some scream it out loudly into a microphone, while twitching their first two fingers into quote marks in the air. Like, “hiding behind insignificant things like ‘women’s health’ “, given with a snicker.

  2. karenjoycekleinman says:

    Although as far as metaphors go, Darrin, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put a piece of salmon in my mouth again without thinking of McCain’s lost honor. Oy, vay. :( :)

  3. Golux says:

    Darrin, thank you for explaining what happened to John McCain. This makes the most sense. Up til this presidential campaign, he had my respect. He became a tired old man who would do anything to grasp the brass ring. NeoCons destroyed a lot of people.