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UPDATE – Seattle Times pushes back cancellation date


The cancellation date has now been pushed back to January 4, 2009, not December 21, 2008. Keep writing! It’s much easier to get your local paper to change its mind BEFORE it’s removed the comic strip than after, so write NOW.


Your e-mails and phone calls to the Seattle Times may be having an impact. They originally planned to cancel Candorville as of November 22, but now they’ve pushed that back to December 21 (which’ll be too bad, because I’ve written a Christmas sequence that I’m sure you’re going to like, especially if you’re a C-Dog fan). So keep it up, if you want to see Candorville stay in your paper, now’s your chance. They’re paying attention to you.

If you’re a Seattle Times reader and you want Candorville to stay in your paper, you’ve got to contact them NOW by writing to Tell them why you want it to stay, what Candorville means to you, and get all your Seattle-area friends, colleagues, etc. to do the same.

If you don’t WRITE TO THEM NOW, Seattle, you won’t get to see what happens to Roxanne early next year.