Candorville: The Bailout, part 5
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November 28th, 2008

Candorville: The Bailout, part 5


How was your day, Clyde? Oh, you know, the usual. Got rich, gave money to all my new friends, bought a big mansion, twelve killer dogs, a diamond car, and plasma TV’s for all my dogs… …Ran outta cash, plasmas car an’ dogs got repo’d, bank took the house, and friends all disappeared. You? Forgot to record “Matlock.” Sorry to hear that.

  • Golux

    The history of nearly every lottery winner out there! Easy come, easy go.

  • DevBer

    Ok, now I feel SORRY for Clyde… and very glad that I’m seeing how Lemont can actually be loyal to his friend through the ups and downs of life, although I think I’d have given up on Clyde a long, long time ago if I were Lemont;