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SEATTLE READERS! The TIMES cancels Candorville. Write in NOW

The Seattle Times CANCELED CANDORVILLE TODAY three weeks ahead of schedule, as part of a redesign. If you’re a Seattle Times reader and you want Candorville BACK in your paper, you’ve got to contact them NOW by writing to Tell them why you want it to stay, what Candorville means to you, and get all your Seattle-area friends, enemies, and exes (now I’m just being redundant) to do the same. Don’t procrastinate, write to them now because now is when they’re paying attention.

Papers cancel a strip to save money because they think readers won’t miss it. If nobody complains, it stays canceled. If enough people protest, they change their mind and return it. The Times canceled Candorville once before, but overwhelming reader response caused them to restore Candorville to the comics page.

If you want that to happen again, WRITE TO THEM NOW!