The Economic Bailout, part 1
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December 15th, 2008

The Economic Bailout, part 1

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  • Elliot

    Just curious…do cartoonists have to get permission to portray other cartoon characters in their strips? If so, I’d like to see more of it done. This was excellent!

  • B Rhodes

    Yeah, the Repubs are using this as an excuse for union busting, and it’s blatant, dirty, and it’s going to backfire on them. If they’re not careful, they just might find the Democratic Congress passing laws making it easier for foreign-owned dealerships in Republican areas to unionize. Getting rid of unions in the North isn’t the only way to equalize the playing field.

  • Davrash Sani

    Ha ha! Oh my god. I literally laughed so hard I spilled my coffee on the paper when I read this. Huey calling Dilbert a tool is perfect. And I never thought I’d see Lemont and Huey in the same panel.

  • Ahh, love to see Huey so faithfully portrayed in another comic strip! Great stuff! 🙂

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