Candorville 1/26/09: The Sea Kitten, part 1
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January 26th, 2009

Candorville 1/26/09: The Sea Kitten, part 1

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Davrash Sani says:

    “PETA pita”? LOL! That took me a minute.

    Funny story, I was telling my wife this morning how much I hate the CVC, and how Lemont should kick her to the curb. She replied “why? She’s the only one in his life who makes sense.” Oh, was it a shock to find that my own wife thinks the CVC is right about Lemont, and that his other friends are self-centered while she’s just trying to mold Lemont into shape and make him a real man. My own wife, a Roxanne fan.

    I’m looking into divorce lawyers as we speak!

  2. SteveS says:

    Don’t do it Lemont! Don’t marry the PETA PITA! It ain’t getting any better. Lionel won’t be any better off for watching his parents constantly fighting. Work out visitation rights right now and move on!

  3. DevBer says:

    When PETA takes away our Antioxidants 3 and 6 by declaring war on fishing, they have gone too far. Way too far. Fish are not mammals.