Candorville 1/27/09: The Sea Kitten, part 2
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January 27th, 2009

Candorville 1/27/09: The Sea Kitten, part 2

  • Golux

    PETA wouldn't think anything was wrong in rescuing and euthanizing the kitten. They've been caught doing that kind of thing. Their ethics are kind of cracked.

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  • shadenfeld

    Do accept suggestions for strips from today’s news?

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  • Janeway

    This one cracked me up! I think the funniest part was the cat reaching desperately for the fish. GREAT stuff.

  • Kelly

    I’m a vegetarian and sometimes PETA scares me. My daughter has used the “it wouldn’t taste good with..” line a few times when I have asked her about why she eats cow but not cat (we have 3 cats, no cows). My response is usually to toss a vegetable at her head. Once she picked up an old potato and told me to look in its eyes and then see if I could skin it, cook it and eat it. Ah the joys of a blended household.