Just Following Orders, part 4
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May 7th, 2009

Just Following Orders, part 4

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Tim Jackson says:

    Good night! Mr. & Mrs. America!!!

  2. candorville says:

    Don't forget all the ships at sea.:S

  3. PeaceZGood says:

    I love this type of stream, where there is time travel. I used to HATE history, until someone told me if you don't know what happened in the past, you are destined to make the same mistakes. Only this time, we are making other people's mistakes, if that is the correct term to use. Somehow, I think not, but I can't remember the correct terminology. Good strip. Also, thanks for posting a rebuttal from a serviceman and then explaining your answer. Good choice, and good answer.

  4. Mike Russell says:

    Love your strip, Darren. Gotta say, though, calling Obama out on the torture issue takes a lot of guts on your part. Good for you! I wish more people in the press had the strength of conviction that you do. Best of luck. -Mike Russell

    • candorville says:

      Thanks, I'm gonna need it. Obama didn't create this mess, but in refusing to hold those who created it accountable, he's taken ownership of it. He's on the verge of violating international law by vacillating over whether the Justice Dept. should prosecute the people who gave the orders to commit war crimes. Prosecuting war criminals is compulsory. He doesn't have a choice under the Geneva Conventions.