The Twit
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May 9th, 2009

The Twit

The idea for this strip came to me while I was driving up Santa Monica Bl. The driver in front of me swerved back and forth in our lane, almost sideswiping first a bicyclist and then a bus. That’s when I noticed he was holding his phone to his ear with his right hand, and flicking ashes from a lit cigarette he was holding in his left. I don’t even want to think about what he was using to stear.

Naturally, my first thought was wouldn’t it be funny if I were to twit about this (my refusal to say “tweet” here will surely secure my rep as a nonconformist. Or so I’m told). So after a while, when traffic slowed to a crawl and I found myself stuck at a really, really long red light, I whipped out my iPhone and typed what you see in today’s strip. Within two minutes I had half a dozen Twitter replies and about two dozen e-mails and Facebook messages mostly from people who seemed to be picturing me knocking over mailboxes as I careened toward a gruesome death at 80 miles per hour. Greatest. Twit. Ever.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. PeaceZGood says:

    Yes, I get the picture that Lemont is driving while twitting. Hahaha. :) The scariest thing I have seen was someone doing what you described while CHILDREN in the car had their head and hands out the window and were laughing.

  2. faithful reader says:

    supreme irony; thank you.

    I am sending today's cartoon on to those unfortunates who don't get Candorville in their increasingly thin and anemic papers.

  3. PeaceZGood says:

    Wow. This strip was featured in "My Star Friday" website!