The Somali Pirate Solution
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May 10th, 2009

The Somali Pirate Solution

  • PeaceZGood

    By the way, I'd like to comment on the comic itself. It is so FUNNY! 🙂

  • While I agree that the abrogation of Somali fishing rights is a problem and the dumping of waste in Somali waters is a problem….both of which various international agencies ought to be addressing….I'd like to know what America has done wrong to cause the piracy off the coast of Venezuela, or in the Caribbean, or off the coast of Thailand, or in the Philippines?

    Because you do know that piracy is a problem in those locations as well, right?

    • What's that have to do with Somalia?

      BTW, nice to see you here, Dann!

    • Piracy's been a big problem all over the world for centuries. It's rare when there's an obvious cause, and when there is (like in the Somalia case) we should do something about it. I'm sure we've got a lot of pull with these "international agencies," so are we leading an effort to do something about it?

  • Mike Russell

    You scored a direct hit, again, Darren!

    You DO have a personal team of body guards, don't you?

    • Yes, the main bodyguard is named "Obscurity," and his backup is named "Nike."

  • PeaceZGood


  • 30h3fan

    Sadly, the barber is right on how to solve the problem.
    However, military and corporate powers tend to make a lot more money promoting war in an unstable region than aim for peace, hence the insistence on warring with Somali pirates rather than protecting them from European and Asian entities.

    I would not be surprised if these entities stealing Somalia's sea and dumping nuclear waste are indirectly involved with the warships attacking Somalia via military contracts and corporate connections. And I don't say this as a conspiracy theory, real life tends to be stupid as to allow such a possibility to exist all in the name of human greed and thirst for money.

  • What's that have to do with Somalia?