Doctor Dog, part 2
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May 21st, 2009

Doctor Dog, part 2

  • Good speech, but didn't the President basically just repeat the "yeah, it was bad, but let's just move on and not punish anyone" idea? IMO, he's openly and thoroughly discussed a bad idea. That's great compared to Bush, but that's a really low bar.

  • Marie

    My mouth just dropped open from the awesomeness of this strip. I'm especially impressed how you managed to weave in about 5 punch lines in 4 panels. "Best two weeks of my life." hehe!

  • Well Said Ken…… (Dr. 21CCB)<SPAN class=idc-smiley><SPAN style="BACKGROUND-POSITION: -24px -12px"><SPAN>B)</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

  • PeaceZGood

    My PhD thesis was "How to self-sabotage in 10 easy lessons". School of Hard Knocks.

  • vassago

    haha, i have a similar doctorate 🙂 but it took me 5 years

  • And all I've got is a Playa Hatin' Degree. I'm gonna enroll in TIOC.

  • PeaceZGood

    1. Is there really a biomechanical analysis major for real?
    2. I would hate for someone who only studied 2 weeks to work on my bio mechanics!!!
    3. Yes, I think I would also be impressed if C Dog really did try to improve himself even though it was with a stolen computer!

  • Apropos of nothing: Mr. Bell, 🙂 I hope you are watching/will watch President Obama's remarks made at the National Archives today. I'm watching it right now, and I think you'll find a lot of your recent questions answered; and even if you're not totally satisified, I think you'll be gratified at the open and thorough way he's discussing the issues we've been addressing here concerning torture, photos, etc. And just to clear up any ambiguity – I'm a huge fan of your strip, and think it's one of the very few worthy strips around. Very often insightful, occasionally brilliantly so, and always entertaining.

    • PeaceZGood

      Please keep me in the loop, as I may not be able to turn on the news tonight, and I am agreeing with you about giving Obama the benefit of the doubt.

  • Ken

    Quit picking on PhDs! I have one and mine is noticeably better than a degree in loafing arts. :p

    • PeaceZGood

      Hmmmm. Modesty becomes you. Just kidding.

      • Ken

        Trust me. Pretty much anybody with a PhD can stand a dose of modesty.

        • Well Said Ken…… (Dr. 21CCB)

  • Kelly

    Wow! Now I know where all the lawyers get their degrees. And a few other "experts".;)

    • PeaceZGood

      My degree was from the school of hard knocks, located in broke my back mountain. Smile.

  • SteveS

    I wonder if they have any degrees in the romantic arts? I always wanted to be "the Love Doctor" 😀

  • That's a hell of an online degree – in such short time! I need to tell my wife about that. 😉