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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week of 2009-05-31

  • Tom Ridge sez Obama being “political” by “looking backward” 2 justify current 4n policy. I thought that was called “learning from history.” #
  • Hiking. 60+ yo man struts by w/red bandana hangin from back left pocket. How’d gang member get 2 live so long? He must’ve been on desk duty. #
  • Heard CA banned a great threat to marriage. Panicked until I realized this wasn’t about banning booze, football, or Vegas. #
  • Watching black prop8 supporters on TV gleefully extoll “will of voter.” If it’d been left up2 voters we’d still have separ8 water fountains. #
  • There’s a reason the civil rights movement was fought in the courts: the scared masses will ALWAYS vote against people who aren’t like them. #
  • Picked up new client-stirs college memories. Driving from UCB thru redwoods, deer, drunken mud-covered naked people… Gotta luv Santa Cruz. #
  • White woman rolled eyes @Latina yardworker, saw Laura &me & rolled eyes again. How big a showoff RU if ur flexin ur EYE muscles 4 strangers? #
  • Every1 ignoring context of her speech. Judge Sotomayor sez life xperience would lead 2 wiser decisions in SEX AND RACE DISCRIMINATION CASES. #
  • Just smacked down forum-dweller bitching about #BSG at TrekBBS. Haven’t been in a nerd-fight in quite some time. Invigorating. I feel alive. #
  • Flashy graphic. Blitzer says WH wants both Palestinians & Israelis 2 follow existing plans. Only on cable is STATUS QUO “breaking news.” #
  • Heard Archie will propose 2 Veronica. If they stay true 2 the comix (he always ended up w/2 dates on same night), he’ll marry her AND Betty. #
  • Tom Tancredo (R) is right: La_Raza IS just like the KKK “except for the hoods and the nooses” (& the violence & the racial supremacy thing). #
  • Hiking. 6 taggers ruining hillside on my favr8 path. Opened mouth 2 drop some life-changing wisdom on ’em, all that came out was “not cool.” #
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