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Fan-Made “Green Lantern” Movie Trailer

Disclaimer: I owned a set of Green Lantern underoos as a kid, and I once created my own power ring, so I may be a little biased. But I would line up for this movie RIGHT NOW if it were real. Check out this incredibly well-made fake “Green Lantern” trailer:

Candorville website archive problems

The archives aren’t working so the only thing you can see for now is the current day’s strip. Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m looking into it & I’ll fix it as soon as I can. If any of you WordPress or Comicpress wizards know what might be wrong & how I might fix it, please shoot me an e-mail at candorville at (replacing “at” with “@”).

UPDATE- Fixed it!

Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-06-07

  • New blog post: What Time It Is? #
  • Anyone else having iTunes problems? First all apps on iPhone stopped working. Then tried logging into account on iTunes & got error message. #
  • My iPhone apps won’t open & I need their data b4 I restore. How can I see the directories & drag files stored by 3rd party apps to my Mac? #
  • Fixed #iPhone by restoring from oldest backup. Wonder if I can also fix credit score that way. #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 1 #
  • #Candorville starts in Santa Cruz Sentinel 2day. Will break in2 stands & autograph all papers when there this weeknd. Hope fans have bail $. #
  • Walking thru supermarket, noticed a vibrating razor. 5 sharp blades. Vibrating. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Naturally I bought it. #
  • Note 2 self: go on, buy shoulder-mounted insect-devouring lizard for next mid-day hike through Griffith Park. #
  • REALLY weird vibe in #Griffith_Park 2day. Guys keep stopping mid-trail& staring@me&each other. Finally stared back&1 dude ducked bhind tree. #
  • New blog post: Fan-Made “Green Lantern” Movie Trailer #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 2 #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 3 #
  • Just saw Tom Hanks get smashed by huge meteor on Tonight Show. This was actually the original ending 4 “Angels & Demons.” True story. #
  • NEW COMIC: Dick Cheney’s In the Closet #
  • There were clouds today but no rain. Then the sun came out & it rained. Now rain’s gone but clouds are back. It must not be opposite day. #
  • Ken Burns sent me ALL his documentaries in xchange 4 a signed Candorville print. Speechless now. #
  • Readers R funny. Use “you’re” when u should use “your” ONCE & ur illiterate. Even though you’ve used your & you’re correctly for 5 years. #
  • Ate a sandwich while hiking on the trail. Came home. Sat on couch & had trail mix for lunch. Something’s wrong here. #
  • On road trip to Santa Cruz. It’s a tour of California wildlife: oxen, cattle, rest stop perverts… #
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