Where’s Cheney? part 1
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June 1st, 2009

Where’s Cheney? part 1

  • Ken

    These groups want to use the "persecution" they claim as a justification of their unsavory tactics. The idea that Christians are persecuted is laughable. I can say this as a white, Christian, middle-class male. This persecution complex provides an explanation for the end of our political and economic dominance in this country–other than the painful realization that we never were better or smarter than anyone else.
    You're right, it is too much like the fascists in Germany. They desperately needed someone to blame for their failings.

  • PeaceZGood

    BILL O'REILLY needs to be brought up on murder charges for defaming the doctor and enflaming the public against him so viciously!!!! I would say Bill O'Reilly was COMPLICIT in the murder TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • PeaceZGood

    Oops. Sorry. I need a Cosby Break- daily!

  • PeaceZGood

    So. he finally has a name. All I heard on my news channels was "The Abortion Doctor" was killed in his church. This is so sad. People who say they are pro-life doing killing and taking a life. As an ex Christian preacher of a really, really stiff necked sect, I can see why I didn't fit in. I asked too many questions. Often, I was looked at in disbelief as if I was a monster from Mars. Finally I decided to go back to my original religion, as it was one that was more philosophical than activist. Even there, I ask too many questions. I think that I am a full blown Cartoonitian.

  • Joan

    Craig — thank you for your thoughtful post. The murder of Dr. Tiller is horrific; he should be mourned. That the Right finds a need to identify with him as 'persecuted' is sad and frightening.

    Dr. Tiller worked w/in the law and helped individuals and families with very difficult decisions. He should be mourned with gratitude for working while under fear.

  • Craig

    Last night I watched the movie..Sophie Scholl-The Last Days. I was struck
    by the courage, honor and sacrifice of this young woman. I thought of a
    friend of mine, an intelligent math teacher, who became a fundamentalist
    Christian to the horror of his adult children. He adopted the rhetoric of
    this group and cast himself and other christians in the role of a
    persecuted minority at the hands of a godless secular society and
    government. Even though his church was tax exempt and his chosen
    political party ran things and Bush/Cheney ruled by fear. Holding the two
    concepts of Sophie Sholl and my "persecuted" friend in my mind gave me more
    than just a headache.

    Then this morning I read of the murder of George Tiller. Singled out by
    O'Reilly and others, who also see themselves as a persecuted righteous
    minority…speaking from the tv channel of a rightwing billionaire.
    Randall Terry of Operation Rescue says he is more concerned with O'bama's
    reaction the the murder than with the murder itself. Right wing bloggers
    cheer and ask how this murderer, in their minds, Tiller, could belong to a
    church..how dare he!

    The right wing demonization of Democrats and those who do not believe as
    they do is so similar to the steps of the National Socialists in

    My headache continues as the Right Wing rants on and encourages hatred.

    I look at my mental image of Sophie Sholl and then of O'Reilly, Hannity,
    Limbaugh, Malkin and their ilk and see they are not the same. Sophie Sholl
    stood for humanity and life. The others proclaiming themselves pro-life
    stand for hatred, pettiness, and enshrined ignorance.