Where’s Cheney? part 3
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June 3rd, 2009

Where’s Cheney? part 3

Funniest reader response of the day: “Brothers don’t watch Seinfeld!”

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  • Marie

    Cheney in a genii outfit… just, wow… I guess Cheney is coming out of everybody's closet now. Go back in, Mr C!

    • I don't know, I think he really fills out that outfit in ways Jeanie never could.

      • SteveS

        But I prefer the way Jeanie filled it out much, much better!

        • Really? Cheney at least gives you some belly button.

          • Ken

            Cheney does provide more quantity on the belly front… but quality?

            Also, didn't they insist on concealing Barbara Eden's belly button on the show? After all, seeing an exposed navel would lead to moral decay and the triumph of communism.

      • Marie

        LOL! I especially like how his smirk works with the veils. And Dr. Bellows' shock.

        • Dr. Bellows' shock was always my favorite part of the show. The man was a genius.