Where’s Cheney? part 4
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June 4th, 2009

Where’s Cheney? part 4

This is one of those times when lead-time can infuse a strip with unintended connotations. For instance, take today’s strip (and yesterday’s, which also featured Cheney in drag). I drew these a couple weeks before Dick Cheney came out in favor of gay marriage.

So if you think this was in any way some kind of dig at Cheney’s expression of support for equal rights for gay people, it was not. Next to somehow getting the man he shot (in the face) to apologize for having been shot (in the face) by him, I think this was Dick Cheney’s most impressive moment.

UPDATE: Funniest & most inappropriate reader comment so far:
“Could Cheney please make an appearance on ‘When Animals Attack’?”

  • PeaceZGood

    The ending of the strip was so funny that I didn't even notice the incorrect usage of "you're". REALLY funny!!!!!!!! Kudos.

  • CT yankee

    Please – – –
    You're = you are
    Your = something that belongs to or is connected to you
    Unless Lamont is also in drag, "you're Aunt Esther" doesn't make sense

    (I do love the strip – a fan ever since I lived in MI. Really, if I didn't care, I wouldn't have made the comment!)

    • Ken

      Maybe these typos a really encoded messages.

      • Darrin Bell

        Maybe they a indeed, but then again, maybe n.

    • Darrin Bell

      Thanks, I caught & edited that before it went to print, but I apparently uploaded the wrong version to the web.Best,Darrin BellVisit http://www.candorville.com for daily comics, discussions and Candorville books, art prints & more!Sent from my iPhone

  • Bet you'll be getting some angry emails about that! 🙂 Do yourself a favor and set up your auto-reply about lead-time NOW. lol!! Loving your strip as always. Keep up the good work.