Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-06-07

  • New blog post: What Time It Is? #
  • Anyone else having iTunes problems? First all apps on iPhone stopped working. Then tried logging into account on iTunes & got error message. #
  • My iPhone apps won’t open & I need their data b4 I restore. How can I see the directories & drag files stored by 3rd party apps to my Mac? #
  • Fixed #iPhone by restoring from oldest backup. Wonder if I can also fix credit score that way. #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 1 #
  • #Candorville starts in Santa Cruz Sentinel 2day. Will break in2 stands & autograph all papers when there this weeknd. Hope fans have bail $. #
  • Walking thru supermarket, noticed a vibrating razor. 5 sharp blades. Vibrating. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Naturally I bought it. #
  • Note 2 self: go on, buy shoulder-mounted insect-devouring lizard for next mid-day hike through Griffith Park. #
  • REALLY weird vibe in #Griffith_Park 2day. Guys keep stopping mid-trail& staring@me&each other. Finally stared back&1 dude ducked bhind tree. #
  • New blog post: Fan-Made “Green Lantern” Movie Trailer #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 2 #
  • New blog post: Where’s Cheney? part 3 #
  • Just saw Tom Hanks get smashed by huge meteor on Tonight Show. This was actually the original ending 4 “Angels & Demons.” True story. #
  • NEW COMIC: Dick Cheney’s In the Closet #
  • There were clouds today but no rain. Then the sun came out & it rained. Now rain’s gone but clouds are back. It must not be opposite day. #
  • Ken Burns sent me ALL his documentaries in xchange 4 a signed Candorville print. Speechless now. #
  • Readers R funny. Use “you’re” when u should use “your” ONCE & ur illiterate. Even though you’ve used your & you’re correctly for 5 years. #
  • Ate a sandwich while hiking on the trail. Came home. Sat on couch & had trail mix for lunch. Something’s wrong here. #
  • On road trip to Santa Cruz. It’s a tour of California wildlife: oxen, cattle, rest stop perverts… #
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  • PeaceZGood

    Oh so that is what Twitter is. It's one's thought processes put into print. Thanks. Didn't know that. I'm thinking that you have a very active life and I have a very passive life. Guess who'll live longer? Hope you keep it up and never, ever become a boob tube potato man. Your thoughts are funny re the trail mix. Hahaha. So If I tell my thoughts am I twittering or tweetering or tweeting? What is correct vernacular. Didn't know you will exchange an autographed original for written work. How about home made poems? Will you send me an autographed original if I send you my poems and my address?