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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-06-14

  • Riding train thru majestic redwood 4est. Trees older than country. They’d make a gr8 bookcase & matching armoire. #
  • Driving down PCH, looking at all the off-shore oil drilling rigs wrecking the view. Was about 2 complain, then I remembered we’re DRIVING. #
  • RT: Dick Cheney just refuses to get off my TV. Apparently during the years 2001-2008, his secret undisclosed location was the year 2009. #
  • Previous post re-tweeted for new followers & because I used it in a strip yesterday. #
  • Glad to be home. It’s just like the redwood forest I just visited, only with a lot less wood and a lot more plaster. #
  • It takes balls to publicly mock the IRS. But I’d like to keep mine, so I won’t. #
  • At banquet, watched drunk friend accept award & tell a story about how the guy sitting next 2 me was killed by the cops. Best. Monday. Ever. #
  • 88 year-old racist who denied Jews were victims of atrocities shoots up Holocaust Museum in attempt to win 2009 Irony Award. #
  • After Obama = Hate-mongers R shooting people cuz they fear their country is dying. Thank God it IS dying. I like the new one better. #
  • Called 2 ask bank 2 reverse newly-decreased credit line AND THEY DID. Gonna go buy lottery ticket & see where this unnatural luck takes me. #
  • GOP sez NO 2 public health plan b/c it’d kill HMOs. It’d be cheaper, more attractive & every1 would choose it. Yeah, save me from that, GOP! #
  • Grabbed “darrinbell” Facebook name in rush 2 beat 14 other Darrin Bell’s. Regret not picking “BarackObama” instead. #
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