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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-06-21

  • Fox “News” tries 2 win 2009 Irony Award by being SHOCKED that we haven’t stood up & said (2 Iran) “stealing elections is unacceptable.” #
  • Paste yesterday’s Candorville in2 your 2009 tax return, send me proof & be entered 2 win signed copy of next Cville book #
  • Obama Inauguration posters are now back in stock if you didn’t grab one the first time around: #
  • The #IranElection battles sure are exciting. Their “Green Revolution” may actually bring about a kinder, gentler oppressive theocracy. #
  • Adventures in Idiocy: Just discovered #Indesign image catalogue script could do in 5 seconds wht ive spent the past 2 months doing by hand. #
  • Sen. Alexander (R) on CNN now. Sez govrun healthcare wastes 10% of its $$ so it’s better 2 help poor buy private insurance which wastes 25%. #
  • I was thinking about running #DiskDoctor on my #Macbook to get rid of some bugs, but I don’t want PETA coming after me. #
  • See America? THIS is how U respond 2 stolen elections. RT @Gul546 Video of Iran rally #iranelection #gr88 #tehran #
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