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Today’s comic is working now

True story:

I was sleeping and dreaming about last night’s yoga class. I was in the middle of warrior pose #3 when my phone started ringing. And ringing. And ringing.

Suddenly the other attendees were real warriors. Samurai, wearing Darth Vader-shaped helmets and blood red body armor with spikes. And wielding swords. And they weren’t at all happy that my phone interrupted the class. They began to growl and started to close in on me. The one closest to me, a small but furious woman, glared at me and began to slowly twirl and slice her long, curved sword through the air. I realized she was my wife. I gasped.

Clutching my yoga mat, I ran out of 24 Hour Fitness (pausing only to get my parking validated), down the stairs, past the Arclight Theater and up the middle of Sunset Boulevard, with 40 or so samurai warriors chasing me. The light at Sunset and Vine turned red and we all stopped. Their swords, held frozen in mid-swing, were chiming as the wind slid along their shimmering metal shafts. I tied my left shoe, stood back up and stretched a little, and got ready. The light turned green. I took off screaming, and with every frantic step 40 angry samurai were closing in behind me.

That’s when I awoke to find my iPhone buzzing in my ear. It was telling me I had several dozen emails from you guys about how today’s strip wasn’t showing up (it’s there now). Thank God I sleep with my phone.