Pretty Young things, part 4
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July 9th, 2009

Pretty Young things, part 4

***EDIT – Only five more orders are needed to cover the cost of a print run of posters.***

Buy the Michael Jackson “Last Goodbye” series as a commemorative poster, and all profits will go to support one of Michael Jackson’s favorite charities. If enough orders come in to cover the printing and shipping costs by next week, I’ll go ahead and order a print run of posters (keep in mind it takes about 2 weeks to order a batch of posters and mail them out). If there aren’t enough orders by next week, whoever’s placed an order will get a full refund. Posters will come on 11″x17″ frame-ready card stock and shipping & handling are included in the price. All profits will be donated to Aids Project Los Angeles. Here’s how to order:

Domestic Orders: $15 (includes s&h)

International Orders: $25 (includes s&h)

100% of the profits from this poster will be donated to Aids Project Los Angeles, one of MJ’s favorite charities.

  • LBurgess

    OK I'm losing it — this strip made me weep. I can't believe how deeply I've felt the loss of my first crush. Although coupled with the fact that lullabyes just devastate me for some reason, it's no wonder I was tearing up. Darrin, thank you for being kind in your acknowledgement of the passing of a gentle soul who'd been with us for so long and gave us so much.