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Need just five more orders to order posters

Only five more orders are needed to cover the cost of a print run of posters.

Buy the Michael Jackson “Last Goodbye” series as a commemorative poster, and 100% of the profits will go to support one of Michael Jackson’s favorite charities. I feel awful that I didn’t have time to add that part soon enough for it to go out via the RSS feed yesterday, but deadlines are my master & they come first. If enough orders come in to cover the printing and shipping costs by next week, I’ll go ahead and order a print run of posters (keep in mind it takes about 2 weeks to order a batch of posters and mail them out). If there aren’t enough orders by next week, whoever’s placed an order will get a full refund. Posters will come on 11″x17″ frame-ready card stock and shipping & handling are included in the price. All profits will be donated to Aids Project Los Angeles. Here’s how to order:

Domestic Orders: $15 (includes s&h)

International Orders: $25 (includes s&h)

100% of the profits from this poster will be donated to Aids Project Los Angeles, one of MJ’s favorite charities.