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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-07-12

  • Well, it’s not called “Whitewashville, is it? RT @gonzo_lust @candorville today’s newspaper strip was NOT FUNNY! Shame on you. #
  • My editors censored today’s Candorville strip 4 papers, but there’s always the Web! See the director’s cut at #
  • Anyone know a good, painless, gentle dentist near Hollywood CA? I don’t mind pain of course, but I’ve got this “friend” who’s a big baby. #
  • Channel 4 just spent about 3 minutes marveling at how well-behaved the crowd is @ the Staples Center MJ memorial. What’d they expect, riots? #
  • Grand Wizards @Channel 4 news still amazed “hooligans” aren’t ruining the MJ Memorial. “But… this is a crowd of all races” they conclude. #
  • End of the Michael Jackson series. One thing’s for sure: I won’t have to beat myself down with a sock full of quarters: #
  • Rev. Jackson said there should B special place in hell 4 grave robbers. There should B special place in PRISON: beneath big horny cellmates. #
  • Outside my windowz fire escape ladder, beautiful bird just hatched some baby birds. In unrelated news, trying 2 decide what 2 have 4 dinner. #
  • This wk I heard from 98 people who know/like me but 4 some reason I was more concerned w/the 2 strangers who stopped following me on Twitter #
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