Don’t Answer That
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August 16th, 2009

Don’t Answer That

  • Golux

    In the college town just down the road, we had a bicycle rider text her way from a cross street into highway traffic where she got hit by a car. Ignore the phone, the message will be there waiting.

    Plus Darrin channeled James Thurber on that one bird looking up with a "WTF? Idiot!" expression.

    • chayafradle

      What irks me is when I am backing out of a parking space and someone is walking behind me paying attention to texting and not the cars in the parking lot. Often, they have little kids walking behind them, and they are oblivious to their kids.

  • Yes, please, DO NOT ANSWER THAT, VEHICLE OPERATOR. And, please, DO NOT RESPOND WHILST OPERATING A VEHICLE OF ANY SIZE. I don't care if you've squeezed your comparatively giant adult arse into your childhood Big Wheel, please do not text while in a moving vehicle, unless said arse is seated on a train, subway, bus, or other passenger-only-type seat. In other words, please do not text whilst occupying the seat of the operator of a vehicle. Please. Pretty, with cherries and whipped cream.

    -plea from a victim of a vehicular texter

  • The irony of Lemont wearing a tee version of a starship captain's shirt in this particular situation is not lost on me. There's a reason why Uhura answers the com and not Kirk (or Sulu), dear fellow.

    The expression of the bird on the right in the lower middle panel is absolutely perfect.

  • Peacezgood


  • Peacezgood

    :< "(

  • Peacezgood

    It seems that Susan is unaware she is keeping Lemont hanging on by a thread with the cliche of "friendship", and unaware that Lemont really wanted more than friendship. I have heard when a person says, "Let's just be friends" that is a death knoll sentence. The "JUST" means, "I really don't like or want you to be close to me, but I want what you can give me. Understanding, advice, applause, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on when other guys do me dirty or when I get tired of other guys. I still want to slap Susan! I wonder if Lemont will give in to her ploy of "friendship" to the exclusion of his moving on and finding someone better than Susan OR the vampire chick. Or, will he be glued to a hopeless cause and drown in his sorrows? the car crash is a great analogy of sorrows and pain. After all these years of Susan thinking but not communicating, and Lemont thinking but not communicating. Tragic!!!!

    • rebeccasmask

      You want to slap Susan for not being psychic? It's Lemont who never said anything.