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Candorville’s Twitter posts for the week ending 2009-08-23

  • I hope it's a good place. RT @IDJones942 Confession: @candorville is slowly taking over the place in my heart where Boondocks once resided. #
  • Darrin's Random Discoveries, part 784: Never ride the LA River Bike Path at dusk unless you like killing dozens of mosquitos with your face. #
  • One reader's saying my site is blank. Do u see a brick bacground, nav buttons & stuff, or a plain white site at ? #
  • Colbert, Stewart, Paint Drying Channel… Need I go on? RT @davidsirota Give me a compelling reason to continue my cable TV subscription? #
  • Just got back from 2013 where I watched Larry King interview Michael Jackson's neighbor's proctologist's dentist's hairdressser on CNNMSNBC. #
  • If there's no sequel to District 9 in *exactly* three years, there is no God. #
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