Darkness, part 4
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September 3rd, 2009

Darkness, part 4

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. Anjilyn says:

    Oh come on Lemont! Man up! (Sympathy, I have none.)

  2. jun! says:

    Darrin Bell is the shit! As a up and coming comic strip artist, I look to Darrin for inspiration.


  3. tenacitus says:

    Just because Dick Fink is no good that does not mean that Susan should pick Lemont. If after all these years he was so oblivous to her love for him maybe she is better off without Lemont too.

    He really cares more that she does not want to be with him right now. Anyway I still think she was hypnotized by the vegetarian vampire. I really hope I was never a “nice guy” but I probably was when I was younger.

  4. SteveS says:

    Lemont is a man of duty, he couldn't consider a relationship with Susan before because he believed he had a duty to marry the mother of his son. Now that he's realized that he doesn't, he can consider the woman that's been by his side so long, but the window of opportunity he had with her appears closed.

    Of course Susan will eventually get over her temporary insanity, but what will have happened to prevent them from getting together by then?

    • tenacitus says:

      SteveS, you are right in saying that Lemont never even thought of Susan before because his mind was on his son. This was very commendable of him. Maybe the two of them will be together, however, I think that his talk of what is best for Susan is a cover for him really acknowledging that he wants to be with her. But we almost never see our own motivations clearly so it makes it even more funny.