The Missed Call, part 2
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October 27th, 2009

The Missed Call, part 2

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  1. sugarkat says:

    There, Mr. Bell. Not one mention of who's playing who in the film version of "Gilligan's Island." Happier?

    • Darrin Bell says:

      Actually, I'm surprised nobody's pointed out the thematic connection between universal healthcare and the communist society depicted in Gilligan's Island.

      • sugarkat says:

        As I recall, the Howells still had it pretty lush, even on a deserted island. Then again, I haven't seen "Gilligan's Island" since I was about eight years old.

      • sugarkat says:

        Also, on behalf of any master's/doctoral candidates (or those working toward an bachelor's with honors) reading your online comments, THANK YOU for providing a thesis statement idea.

  2. sugarkat says:

    There's little proper governance of the practice of medicine, as we leave it up to private suits in court (which is the most expensive and least effective way to police any group). The Obama administration has already kow-towed to the pharma industry. The Democrats gave up any chance of fighting the health insurance industry when they started by taking single-payer off the table and only brought severely anemic public options to the floor. Too many influential (read: monied) private interests have too much to gain (at least in the short term) from undermining and killing off proper health care reform for me to have any hope whatsoever.

  3. Mbel says:

    Dude, you really need to stop being so politically conservative on your comics. If u r going to be political and make a difference. Make it! No one cares about "Will Yell in town halls for $$$". That is just a cheap stab at Republicans. Talk about Reparations. Talk about crime in Oakland. Make jokes about serious stuff.(Shi#$#) If you are going to be a political comic, be funny about serious issues. Who cares about town hall meetings when you can be funny about some serious (SHI#$%). Get rid of your fear and go for it!

    • Darrin Bell says:

      Almost 20,000 people a year die unnecessarily because we don't have universal healthcare. We don't have universal healthcare because the Republican Party's been blocking it ever since Truman tried to create it. That's over 1 million people dead before their time. That's at least as serious as crime in Oakland.

      • Teddy Roosevelt tried to create universal healthcare way before Truman. 🙂

      • Chayafradle says:

        Darrin Bell for Congress!!!!!!! Yeah! Let's all send this cartoon to our representatives and congress people!

      • Chayafradle says:

        "Only the poor and uneducated would benefit from Universal Health Care", reports the news. (If that is the case, if they died without it, so what? None of those people could have done anything for society.) In my opinion, people who talk like that do nothing for society. Urgggggh. 🙁

        • kenecollier says:

          One problem with that "news" statement is that it reflects a lack of education. The poor are already covered by other programs. Anyone who wanted to drive the poor into extinction by denying them health care missed the boat in 1965 when Medicaid was passed.

          By the way, they called Kennedy and Johnson socialists for supporting it.

        • SteveS says:

          If something doesn't happen to correct the insurance system, only the rich will be able to afford it! As it is, I'm just hoping I survive to take advantage of the Universal Health Care plan!

          • sugarkat says:

            It's not just the insurance system which requires reform, however. The actual costs of medical care are astronomical, compared to the care received. Part of this can be blamed on the costs, both direct and indirect, of medical malpractice insurance. However, part of this is due to the corporations seeking profit from medical care, from the pharmaceutical industry to the hospital conglomorates who tell insurance companies who don't want to pay over a certain level for, say, an MRI, that they and their customers can go ahead and try and seek health care from another company…when they're practically the only game in town. This American Life did a great episode on it. Great, as in, deeply depressing.

  4. I'm rooting for Russell Johnson as The Professor — he'll only be 91, and he was brilliant in "This Island Earth".

    • sugarkat says:


      Russell Crowe, on probation after being convicted of assault, will play Skipper. He will win yet another Oscar for his performance, yet be unable to attend the ceremonies after he's convict on, ironically, false assault charges.

      Kate and Ashley Olsen will split the role of Gilligan.

  5. tim says:

    Donald Trump as Thurston Howell III? Henry Louis Gates as the Professor? or is that typecasting?

  6. kenecollier says:

    By the way, I'm really enjoying the irony of this strip inspiring a lively discussion of the casting of a Gilligan's Island remake.

  7. kenecollier says:

    That is important news! Who plays Ginger?