The Flu Talk
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November 8th, 2009

The Flu Talk

  • Robert

    Lemont was pulling a Hunter S. Thompson! He should have demanded that the fire-breathing skeletal horses be cleared from the audience before he began speaking.

    • Fear and Loathing in Candorville.

  • Chayafradle

    Susan could have made Lemont some CHICKEN SOUP!!! That would have knocked the bug from him!

    • Only if it had matzoh balls in it, and, well, I get the feeling our dear Susan isn't the least bit Jewish, let alone even close to approaching grandmotherhood.

      I say this as a lapsed-Catholic shikse, but a lapsed-Catholic shikse Jewish boys brought home to frustrate their moms/dads during their rebellious college years.

      • Chayafradle

        Sugarkat, you are SO FUNNY!!!! Thanks for your comments. I remember some cousins of mine in Cleveland, Ohio who did that, and it made me SO angry with them. In fact, when young, I heard Christian and Catholic boys saying they were going to do that with Jewish girls to thumb their noses at their moms and dads. It was all so futile to me! So very, very discriminatory and sexist! But, sadly, real life.

  • Jenifer

    That's what happened to me when I took cough syrup with codeine and went to a class at my parish. I apologized the next week for my behavior. I'm a lightweight.

  • It's November. Shouldn't Susan be wearing a sweater or something? Or was this drawn in August?