Boo Who?
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November 18th, 2009

Boo Who?

Meanwhile, at the Candorville Chronicle … Have you seen Lemont? His book tour’s supposed to start today. Book tour? Y’know, to promote “Katrina’s Ghost.” His book. It collects all his incredible interviews with survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Ka-WHAT-now? This doesn’t bode well for book sales. Is it anything like Harry Potter?

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. ChayaFradle says:

    Is that editor a relative of Bush?

  2. Dracojounin7 says:

    Next, it'll be "9/11? What ABOUT the police?"

  3. sugarkat says:

    This would be hilarious, if it weren't true. A ridiculous number of people have put the devestation wrought by Katrina and its aftermath entirely out of their heads, or think that everything's been cleaned up and put back in order in the Gulf.

    That the USACE were found liable for the flooding of New Orleans gives me hope…until I realize it won't bring the families scattered across the country back, nor will it rebuild the homes and businesses lost. And that the Surpreme Court will probably reverse the decision.

    No, I'm not crying. That's– I– Allergies. That's what it is.

  4. Golux says:

    Move forward, Hurricane Sandy brought home to New York and New Jersey what everyone else experiences. A year later, if you're not stuck with trying to put your life back together, it pretty much didn't happen. The hurricane survivors are the neglected wherever they may be found.