The Book Tour, part 4
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December 10th, 2009

The Book Tour, part 4

Four years ago, our illustrious guest went on a journey to interview survivors of Hurricane Katrina. He found these American refugees corralled in a run-down jail. His perceptive and brilliant new book, “Katrina’s Ghost,” brings us their stories. Their stories were shocking. Their stories were awe-inspiring. Their stories changed America. Mr. Brown, we are honored to have you here. Hear what, @#$%?

  • Yet, when I was in elementary school, 50+ yrs ago, history books said AMERICA would NEVER let anyone be homeless!

  • Why were American victims of Katrina jailed? I haven't heard that before. On the other hand, the shelters which were loaned to them were probably like jails.

    • Jails were used to house refugees.

      • That is so SHOCKING. Why wasn't that reported more widely by the mainstream press?

        • Why isn't the mainstream press following-up on anything having to do with NOLA, other than letting us know which celebrity has a house there? From what I've read, we still have Katrina 'fugees spread all over the country, unable to get back to their home. And there's no effort whatsoever to improve (read: actually build) the levees. I'm not from there, and I've never been there, but I'm pretty damned living about what happened (and is still happening to) the Gulf Coast, and NOLA in particular.