Just Do It
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December 14th, 2009

Just Do It

Hello, you’ve reached the home of Susan Garcia. You know what to do. Beep. Hi Susan, it’s Tiger. Listen, my wife found your number on my cell and she … uh … might be calling you. And the girl who claims to be my mistress found your number too. And the other girl. And the other one. Number four didn’t find your number, but she found your picture and might be out looking for you. Number five found your number. Number six may have … beep. Time allotted for message has been exceeded.

  • Harv Howard

    Your recent comic in the Austin-American Statesman that featured Lamont and the odor-on-the-bus problem was incredible! Incredible because the kicker was just the eyes! I laughted and laughted at that. You have a great talent. Please don't burn yourself out. –Well, why the Hell not? Make a few mil and head for the hills would work, too, I suppose. But we would miss your work.

    • Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

      I hope you'll tell the Statesman the same thing so they know you want it to stay in the paper.

  • Tim Jackson


  • dollar

    this may actually be the funniest commic i ever read

    • I'll be depressed if you tell me you're six years old and this is the FIRST comic you've ever read.

  • El L Cool J

    How did you get this out so fast… I thought there was a couple week delay… Darrin… you are a genius! or a mind reader!

    • Just between you and me, I put Tiger up to this.The whole thing's a ploy to make me look prescient.

  • I wonder if Susan's chances with Lemont are now still nil and if she'll end up with no one…also if she'll stay alive and healthy with all those women after her.