The Pull-Over
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December 20th, 2009

The Pull-Over

Do you know why I pulled you over? I was speeding? No, I have tight quads. Oh. What? I sit on my butt all day in that car. I don’t get to stretch my legs unless I pull people over. You were going two miles over the speed limit. I’ll let you go with a warning. Thanks. THIS time. Oh, now that’s not right. This is good for the glutes.

  • Golux

    Given the overwhelming quantity of stops, DWB is a worse offense than DWI.

  • Why am I reminded of that GoDaddy commercial with Danica Patrick?

    This is so wrong.

  • In Tenaha, Texas local officials are accused of shaking down drivers. The state's drug seizure laws have been used to take property from people "suspected" of smuggling drugs (Black person + money = suspicion). Oddly enough, these suspected drug runners are released after their property is seized and often charges are not filed.

    So, either drug smugglers (a threat so dangerous that we've suspended the due process clause of the Constitution) are walking away or local officials are taking money from citizens doing nothing more than driving through town.

    Life in east Texas….

  • Robert

    Oh, Chaya, the same high level of service is also offered to California's Latino population! We're an equal opportunity state in that respect.

  • No, in many cities in CA, you're often stopped if you're Black and going 2 mph over the speed limit, while others speed by at nearly double the speed limit.

    • In the Albany, NY, region, pretty much every single time I've seen someone pulled over, the driver's been an African American. My mom and I spotted a white dude pulled over by cops the other day, and we were AMAZED. Sometimes, we wonder if it's actually illegal to be black and driving a vehicle of any sort around here. It's embarrassing and depressing.

      • Thus, the metaphor of sticking his as- in Lemont's face, I suppose.

  • This must be a California thing. You don't see much of this from the Texas Highway Patrol.