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Monterey Herald drops Candorville, WRITE IN NOW!

ATTN Monterey County-ites: The Monterey Herald will be dropping Candorville on January 4 to make room for a local cartoonist. From the looks of it, Candorville was targeted because it was a more recent addition. If you’d like to see Candorville stay in the paper, send an email right NOW to and tell them so.

Space on the comics page is limited, and whenever a paper adds a strip, they have to lose an existing one. Too often, they choose to axe one of the newest additions because they think it hasn’t been there long enough for anyone to miss it. That’s why your local comics page seems to be filled with comics that are older and more boring than your parents. That’s why people under 40 are more likely to go online for their comics than they are to open a paper. And since the comics page is usually cited as the #1 reason people buy newspapers, that’s one of the reasons papers themselves are dying.

Candorville is dropped a lot less often than most new comics, but it still happens. Almost always, more than enough readers write in to convince editors they underestimated Candorville’s fan base, and they reinstate it. You can make that happen again. Remember the moral of “It’s a Wonderful Life”: Every time you save Candorville, a dead cartoonist gets his wings. Or something like that.

The more papers that run Candorville, the longer I can keep producing Candorville. It’s as simple as that. If you value it, write to the Monterey Herald today and tell them so. That’s the only way they’ll know what you want to see in your paper.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!