The Truth of Juarez, part 4
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December 24th, 2009

The Truth of Juarez, part 4

Lemont investigates the thousands of murders in Juarez. Lemont Brown, may I introduce you to the infamous La Llorona. La Llorona has haunted this town for hundreds of years, tirelessly stealing the souls of little children. Those empty, soulless kids grow up to become savage killers for the drug cartels. La Llorona, may I introduce you to Lemont Brown. Lemont works for the media. Always nice to meet a colleague. Everyone’s a satirist.

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  • audifeabumb

  • Robert

    Good use of Mexican folklore, Mr. Bell! It’s disconcerting to imagine how many Nortenos will learn of La Llorona through reading your comic.

  • Last panel-didn't expect that. SO funny! LUIC-laughed until I cried.

  • Dave

    Funniest, sharpest commentary on today's media I've ever seen.