The Demon Hypothesis, part 1
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December 28th, 2009

The Demon Hypothesis, part 1

What’s more likely, Lemont? That you had a psychotic break and you’re lying on a gurney in Sunnyville sanitarium, hallucinating? Or that you and your therapist are stuck in Mexico, where we were kidnapped, chased by wolves, had tea with the most brutal drug cartel boss in Juarez … … And now you’re going to interview a demon called La Llorona who steals the souls of the city’s children? You’re right. That’s absurd. My HMO would NEVER cover hallucinations.

  • lupinssupins

    A therapist I knew was once complaining about how hard it is to get insurers' OK for in-pt psych hospitalization: "I once told them my patient has a gun to his head right now, and I swear they asked me, 'What caliber?'!"

    • Lupin, so funny!!!!!!! Very appropriate to the cartoon, too. Hahahaha.